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An RV is a great investment especially for those who love travelling. Owning one allows you to travel at ease by providing comfort and convenience on the road. There will be no need to worry about having to book a hotel at uncertain stopovers or where to eat. An RV covers all of that for you. You can bring your pets along on your trips, save on money, have more flexibility, and have a less stressful vacation. Owning an RV, however, is not all fun and games. First, RVs are pricey, but they serve as a great investment especially for families who love to travel. Second, there is an added responsibility of cleaning it, maintenance, and checking if everything is in good condition. These are the aspects one should really look into to ensure a smooth and hassle free vacation. Lastly, RVs require regular maintenance which at times can get really expensive and time consuming. Especially for those who also have regular jobs and could not focus all of their time into cleaning and maintaining their RV. All these pros and cons of owning an RV can add up. And the decision may be hard to make. But after all the decision making and weighing of options, if you do end up getting your own RV, you might want to keep on reading. Call us today and feel free to consult about our other services such as headlight restoration and car interior cleaning.


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RV detailing is an important part of maintaining and cleaning your RV. There are times when regular cleaning does not cut it anymore. RV detailing is recommended to be done at least once after every trip to ensure that your RV is in a great and hygienic condition. Bringing pets along and cooking inside the RV can cause bacteria to accumulate if not cleaned immediately. Besides these, dust and dirt throughout the trip can accumulate inside the vehicle making it an unfit environment for travel. After every trip, it is best to have your RV detailed. RV detailing is an in depth cleaning process that allows professionals to clean your car from exterior to interior to ensure a clean and spotless RV ready for your next trip.

Why should you leave RV detailing to the professionals when you can do it yourself? After all, it is just cleaning, right? Wrong. RV detailing is not just cleaning a vehicle. It’s disinfecting, vacuuming, steaming, and everything else in between. Here are the steps involved in RV detailing:

  1. Vacuuming- this lays down the foundation of the cleaning because you get to see what you actually have to work with given that all the dust and other loose dirt is gone.
  2. Shampooing carpets, floor mats and seats- this process cleans the mats thoroughly and gets rid of staining
  3. Cleaning of appliances- thorough cleaning of appliances inside the RV, especially those used to make food, since bacteria accumulates quicker in those places.
  4. Washing and waxing exterior- using special soaps to clean and disinfect the exterior paint to get rid of grease and dirt stuck to it. To finish off, wax is used to polish the paint.
  5. Sealing- to seal the cleaning job and preserve the paint, a special sealant is used.
  6. Tire and window cleaning- to get rid of any mud, dust, and gunk stuck, windows and tires are cleaned thoroughly.
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With all of these steps being mentioned, it can be seen that RV detailing can be an exhaustive and tedious job and it is best to leave these kinds of jobs to the professionals. Doing this on your own can mean less money spent, yes. But without the proper tools, equipment and expertise, you will not be able to achieve the total cleanliness recommended for prolonged usage on trips. When in need of professional RV detailing and cleaning services, contact RV Detailing Miramar FL. We, the Mobile Car Detailing are a service provider specializing in RV cleaning and detailing. We have been in the industry, doing various jobs and services for over ten years. Throughout all these years of service, we have worked with various clients and RVs and we make sure we do not only meet our clients’ expectations but we make sure that we exceed them every time. With this mindset, we do not only make customers for life, we also build trust and confidence with our clients that allow us to do the job properly and show them what we are capable of.

Our lineup is composed of our on site cleaners and technicians as well as our office based staff. Our on site cleaners and technicians have been trained for years before being placed at the front line of our services. Our quality as a company heavily rests on our on site technicians and cleaners since it is their work that gets observed by clients. Therefore, we work closely with both them and the clients to make sure we get what the client wants down to a tee, and we make sure the quality of service is consistent all throughout. Years of service have given our cleaners and technicians a lot of experience when it comes to different kinds of RVs with different conditions, as well as different kinds of clients. We make sure we leave all of our clients happy with each service.

Our office based staff is also well trained and competent to match the quality of service out on site team gives. Being the first in line of service, our customer service staff know how important it is to be prompt, efficient, and knowledgeable. When you call our company, you can be confident that you will be talking to a professional person who will answer your queries and will give you a quote for whatever service you request. Our customer service staff is also very patient, so there will be no need to hesitate in asking questions. Ask away, and our team will see to it that you know what you need to know.

With all of these being said, we invite you to call us for a professional RV detailing and cleaning service. Our company is geared towards giving top quality service and keeping all of our clients satisfied. Call today!

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